How do I inform my Personal Assistant about my vacation?

We already had a wonderful start of the Summer! Maybe you go hanging on the beach, you’re gonna hit the slopes, or just relax and stay home. One thing is certain: you want to enjoy life. Fortunately, you have your personal assistant Nikki, who can take care of this. So how do you inform her you’re going into vacation mode?

Send your personal assistant a message

Send your personal assistant a message to inform her that you will be absent for a couple of days (or even weeks). Don’t forget to set your start and end date of your vacation. Besides that you can also write a little message to communicate to your callers that you are on vacation.

For example: “ask them to send you an email or book a callback moment in your calendar.”

Share your calendar

By sharing your callendar your assistant will immediately know you’re not available during a specific time and she will plan callback moments as soon as you’re back in town!

Do you have multiple calendars? You can add plural calendars to our application.

Don’t forget to ask your personal assistant to remind you of these callback moments as soon as you’re available again, so you certainly don’t forget them in case you are missing the beach too much.


In case you don’t want to be disturbed by anyone and you don’t want to receive any voicemails, select the override option. Every call will then be redirected to Nikki if you’re not answering, no matter the filtering you’ve made on the contacts level.

Do you want to make a distinction between private and professional contacts? By implementing your contacts in our application, you can choose who should be redirected to your personal assistant and who should not.

Does a colleague take over your tasks during your vacation? Then you can also use the filtering on contact level. The advantage is that you can forward certain contacts to a specific number (your colleague’s number).

Customize your greeting text

Last but not least, don’t forget to customize you’re greeting text in the app! This greeting text is the text that she will say at the beginning of the call. You can very easily adapt this in your profile to indicate that you’re on holiday.

All set up! You can now enjoy the peace and quiet! Have a nice vacation!