Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Getting started


What can I expect from the free trial period?

By downloading the iReachm app, you get a free 15-day trial with digital assistant helping you answering your calls and completing tasks.

After registering in the app, you’ll need to activate the assistance. Just call the number below:
**004* + 32 23 20 12 00#

From then on your assistant will handle your missed calls 24/7! When you are not able to pick up your phone, the caller will automatically be redirected to our digital assistant. He/she then gets the choice to leave a message, plan a callback or speak to a personal assistant (human assistant, available on weekdays between 8am and 7pm). Afterwards you will receive live feedback about your missed call via mail, sms or in the app.

After 15 days this automatically ends, and you can choose to continue working with the assistant or to reactivate your own voicemail.


How to stop the iReachm assistance?

It’s a pity! Please inform us on the reason of your wish to stop the trial. We’re eager to learn how we can improve our product.

In order to deactivate the callforwarding, call ##002#

Your calls will no longer be taken by the assistant. Please note that if you had a customized voicemail before, this will not be reactivated automatically. Depending on your provider, you should call a second code:

Proximus                           **61*+32475151516#
Base                                    **61*+32486191933#
Orange                               **61*5555#
Telenet                               **61*5555#

How to download the iReachm app?

You can download the (free!) iReachm app for Android and iOS devices, by clicking on one of the images below.

How to transfer your calls to the Digital Assistant?

In order to transfer your calls to your assistant, you’ll have to change your forwarding settings. First, switch off wifi and mobile data. Then, call the following number:

**004* + 32 23 20 12 00 #

The screen below will show up. From now on, your missed calls go to Nikki, your personal assistant. She’ll provide live feedback from your calls.

Forwarding suucceeded

What happens outside business hours? Is there still assistance?

As digital solution, the voice bot is available 24/7. The human assistant will take your calls on weekdays from 8 am until 7 pm. Outside these hours, your calls will be redirected to the iReachm voicemail. This is a standard voicemail that you can personalize by recording an audiofile with your message and send it to nikki@ireachm.com

As an iReachm customer, you can choose your hours of assistance, depending on your type of subscription.

How to change the way the Digital Assistant greets your callers

If a call is transferred to the human assistant, she will pick up the phone with a standard greeting text such as “Hello, this is the personal assistant of … She/he’s currently not available, can I help you?”

This is very easy to adapt using the iReachm application. Therefore, go to Menu > Settings > My Profile > Customize Greeting Text. Here you can insert how you want your assistant to answer the phone.

Customize greeting text

What happens after the free trial?

By the end of the trialperiod, the assistance will automatically end. Your missed calls will be forwarded to the voicemail. One of our team members will get in touch to discuss your experience. Not convinced? No problem, you can deactivate by calling ##002#.

You’re totally up for it? Great! Then this is the moment to analyze how to create a customized assistant, depending on your needs and desires. All requests can be sent to nikki@ireachm.com, or give us a call!

How do I change the way my assistant greets the callers?

Your assistant will pick up the phone with a standard greeting text such as “Hello, this is the personal assistant of … She/he’s currently not available, can I help you?” This is very easy to adapt using the iReachm application.

How do I share my contacts with my Digital Assistant?

To make sure your assistant correctly addresses your contacts, share them with her. This way you can also choose how she’s supposed to handle your calls and make a distinction between private and professional calls.

When you download the iReachm app, you’ll be asked to give acces to your contacts. Click OK to do so. If you missed this step, don’t worry, you can still share your contacts afterwards. Therefore, go to your Settings of your mobile phone. There, you’ll have a list of all your apps. Search for the iReachm app, and activate the option Allow iReachm access to “Contacts“.

Acces contacts  


Is the assistant a robot?

The assistant is a voicebot that will give your caller the possiblity to leave a message, plan a callback according to your availabilites or to speak to a personal assistant. In this last option, the caller will be transferred to a human personal assistant. This way it is a hybrid solution with bot digital and human flavour.

When is the assistance active?

The voicebot in the app will be available 24/7. The human assistant will typically be avaible on weekdays between 8am and 7pm, but this can vary according to your subscription.

What happens if I reach the limit of my subscription?

Most of the subscriptions have a limit of a number of calls per month. We’ll inform you by e-mail whenever you reach this limit. Your service will stay active. If this happens three times in a month, your calls will be redirected to the voicemail. We’ll start to count your number of calls again by the start of a new month. If you happen to reach your limit month after month, will take the time to discuss if there’s another subscription that will beter suit your needs.

What about privacy?

We make every effort to protect your privacy. During your interaction with iReachm, you can share personal information, such as your name, e-mail address, address and telephone number, as well as company name, job title and other business data. This makes us able to identify you as an individual. These are your “personal data”.

We collect and use the personal data solely for the purpose for which the data was obtained. Your data can be used for orders or to maintain your account, but also to increase your involvement as a customer and to personalize the possibilities we offer you.

We do not share this personal information with third parties that would use it for direct marketing, unless you have given specific permission to do so.

Click here to read our privacy statement.

Do I have to pay to use iReachm?

Yes, iReachm is a paying service. You can enjoy a free trial period, so you can test it out. Interested? Just download the iReachm app! At the end of the trial period you can choose to become a customer.

Does iReachm work on a landline?

Yes it does! The assistance can be activated on a landline. So your helpdesk, reception, customer service department, etc. can all enjoy it as well.

Please note we don’t do free trials on landlines, as the set up is more complex than with a mobile phone. Would you like more information about this topic? Call us on +32 2 320 23 51 or send an email to nikki@ireachm.com

Does iReachm work abroad?

In most countries, it does! Just make sure your forwarding settings are correct. There are no roaming costs inside the EU but outside you can be faced with extra costs from your operator. If you’d like more information about this, feel free to send your questions to nikki@ireachm.com