Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I coach my Assistant?

How do I coach my Assistant?


How to block contacts?

You can block contacts by using the iReachm app. To do this, go to the Menu, then to Contacts. Click on the icon before the contact you want to block. In the list that appears, choose the option “Do not call“. From now on, this person will not be able to contact you anymore.

How to get rid of unwanted calls?

Using the application, you can teach your assistant how to treat undesired calls.

How can I make a distinction between private and professional calls?

You can easily teach your personal assistant to treat each call how you want it. This video shows you how.

How can I choose the way my missed calls are handled?

You can choose how each missed call is handled using the iReachm app. To do this, go to the Menu and navigate to Contacts. Click on the icon in front of the contact and choose one of the options in the popup. If you want to make a change for multiple contacts at once, click on Multiple in the right upper corner of the Contacts screen. Select the contacts you want and press Handling to choose the way these calls should be treated. You can choose from:

  • personal assistant
  • voicemail
  • do not call
  • voicebot (per default): a bot will ask your caller if he/she would like to leave a message, plan a callback moment or speak to a human assistant
  • transfer to number

How do I share my contacts with my personal assistant?

To make sure your assistant correctly addresses your contacts, share them with her. This way you can also choose how she’s supposed to handle your calls and make a distinction between private and professional calls.

When you download the iReachm app, you’ll be asked to give acces to your contacts. Click OK to do so. If you missed this step, don’t worry, you can still share your contacts afterwards. Therefore, go to your Settings of your mobile phone. There, you’ll have a list of all your apps. Search for the iReachm app, and activate the option Allow iReachm access to “Contacts“.



How do I inform callers of my holiday?

If you leave for a holiday, you can inform your assistant of this, so she can keep your contacts up to date about your availabilities. In the iReachm app, go to Menu, then to Messages. In this section you can send short messages to your personal assistant. These have start and end dates, after which the message will be deleted. You can send messages to your assistant on any occasion such as a holiday, meeting, lunch, etc.

How do I send messages to my assistant?

Inform your assistant if you’re on holiday, in a meeting, or not available for a longer period of time.


How do I give my personal assistant access to my calendar?

Giving your assistant access to your calendar makes it possible for your contacts to plan a callback moment depending on your availabilities. The endless game of phone ticking is finally over! Whenever a callback is planned, you’ll get a message from your assistant as well as a reminder just minutes before the call.


How to change your email address?

You can change your email address using the app. Go to Menu > Settings My Profile Email.

If you are not using the app, please send us an email at nikki@ireachm.com to inform us about this change.

How can I temporarily switch off the assistance?

You can choose when you are assisted depending on your subscription. During the trial period, you’ll enjoy personal assistance on weekdays from 8am untill 7pm. This can be adapted in the iReachm app. Navigate to the Menu Settings Service on/off. By pressing on the time frames, you can activate or deactivate the service. Don’t forget to save the changes you made.

How to change the way the assistant greets your callers?

Your assistant will pick up the phone with a standard greeting text such as “Hello, this is the personal assistant of … She/he’s currently not available, can I help you?

This is very easy to adapt using the iReachm application. Therefore, go to Menu > Settings > My Profile > Customize Greeting Text. Here you can insert how you want your assistant to answer the phone.

How do I shorten the time of transfer to the assistant?

Most providers transfer a call to your voicemail or assistant after 30 seconds. You can choose to shorten (or extend) this. It is a great solution if you have the feeling a lot of callers hang up without leaving a message. By shortening the time of transfer, more callers will stay on the phone and leave the assistant a message.

To do this, call the number below.  Change the two numbers at the end of the number to change the time of transfer. In this example, it is 15 seconds (it should always be shortened or extended in blocks of 5 seconds).

**004*+32 2 320 12 00**15#

How do I change my assistant’s language?

You can easily change your assistants language by using the application. This video shows you how.

How do I change the way my assistant greets the callers?

Your assistant will pick up the phone with a standard greeting text such as “Hello, this is the personal assistant of … She/he’s currently not available, can I help you?” This is very easy to adapt using the iReachm application.

Help! My calls don’t reach my assistant anymore

When you change providers, simcard or changes have been made in your subscription, you might need to reactivate the transfer to your assistant. You can easily do this using the app as shown in this video, or call **004* + 32 23 20 12 00#

How do I transfer all my calls to my assistant?

If for any reason, you temporarily want to transfer all calls to your assistant (you’re on holidays, you’re ill, etc.), you can do this by activating the Override setting.