Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



How to reactivate my previous voicemail?

When you deactivate your forwarding, the possibility exists that if you had a customized voicemail before, this will not be reactivated automatically. Depending on your provider, you should call a second code:

Proximus                           **61*+32475151516#
Base                                    **61*+32486191933#
Orange                               **61*5555#
Telenet                               **61*5555#

I don’t receive messages from my assistant anymore...

The assistant can send you feedback in 3 ways – depending on your settings:

  • E-Mail
  • In app messages
  • SMS

Is it the e-mails you don’t get? Make sure these aren’t in your  junk mails. You don’t receive the messages in the application? Then go to “Messages” in the app and scroll down to refresh. Still can’t find them? Check if your newest messages are under the urgent messages that are marked with a red exclamation mark.  Urgent messages always appear on top of your list, so you don’t forget them. But when you don’t delete the urgent mark by swiping a message to the left, your more recent feedback might get lost underneath them. This still does not help or you don’t get the SMS feedback? Get in touch: nikki@ireachm.com 

Help! My calls don’t reach my assistant anymore

When you change providers, simcard or changes have been made in your subscription, you might need to reactivate the transfer to your assistant. You can easily do this using the app as shown in this video, or call **004* + 32 23 20 12 00#

I have trouble listening to my voicemail. What can I do?

Your voicemail messages will be send to you by e-mail in an audiofile. Open the e-mail with the audiofile on a different computer or smartphone to make sure it’s not a local problem. It might be the format of the message (WAV) that isn’t recognized by your device. In this case, you should download the adequat program to be able to open this kind of files.

If this does not work, contact us at nikki@ireachm.com 

I have a feeling my calls don’t reach the assistant anymore. What can I do?

If you changed providers or SIM card, the call forwarding might be deactivated. To reactivate this, call the code below. Make sure to switch off wifi and mobile data first.

**004*+32 2 320 12 00#