Sales Audit:
How innovative is your salesteam?

A couple of months ago we organized a huge research in about how innovative companies are these days. Especially for you we created a beautiful PDF file which you can download to discover the results of our Sales Audit.

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Why you should download our Sales Audit now:

Become the only one

Be that one percent in your sector who is truly innovative and surprise your competitors.

Stand out

Only 63% of the participants will stand out by not investing in technologies who are already outdated.

More productive

Become more productive by investing in the right technology.

Who is iReachm?

At iReachm, we are passionate about productivity. Thanks to the use of smart digital assistants, we help B2B professionals to spend their time more efficiently. Handling telephone conversations, scheduling appointments, filling in CRM system, setting priorities, handling e-mails, …. Think about the most crazy task on the planet, a digital assistant can handle almost all of them.

iReachm is part of the Koramic2Engage group with 3,500 employees and specialized in Customer Interaction.